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Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Big Projects from '10

I'm a big fan of reflection over resolution in a New Year. I mean, I make resolutions practically every day to be smarter, play more and craft more, so I take once a year to look back instead of forward. I'm hoping somehow the two will balance and I will embrace living in the now. So, here are ten of my craftiest projects from 2010 to reflect upon (and possibly resolve to never do again!):

 1. Working out while you craft. 
I'm a huge multi-tasker, so Craftercize just felt natural. And it could work, as long as you bring the gym to your craft room, not the craft room to your gym.

2. Applying mustaches to glasses.  (click here for the tutorial I made)
Why do glasses need mustaches? Because they are funny. Making mustached glasses for last year's holiday gifts was a great idea, until this year we found out they all washed off in the dishwasher! You can't win them all!

 3. Becoming an Aunt to an OWL. 
 Having a nephew is the craftiest thing a person can do. So far OWL (those are my nephew's initials) has received every kind of owl-shaped craft project out there, and there are tons. Hope the kid likes owls when he grows up!

4. Pasting up a headboard made from fabric.(click here for the tutorial)
 I know, it's a head-"board," but you could call my version a fabricboard. Using liquid starch and a large cutout of headboard-shaped fabric I pasted up a headboard without constructing anything, painting anything, or doing damage to my rental apartment walls. Tricky and temporary.

5. Making hibiscus flowers from scratch. (click here for the tutorial)
Normally a crafter might use their green thumb to grow hibiscus flowers, but I was in need of 50 flowers for a wedding in Hawaii and growing in Juneau was out of the question, so I crafted them instead. But just a note, they paled in comparison to the real thing, so try to pick a flower that isn't abundant and in season.

6. Making a craft-pal. 
 Growing up in Alaska, we were the hot commodities in the pen-pal world. Those days were renewed this year with my first adult craft-pal all the way from Greece. Definitely a worthy venture, now I just have to remember to craft something for her....

7. Making a life-sized canoe (and a wave) out of cardboard. 
 I learned a lot from this window-display adventure. Namely, when you build a life-sized canoe out of cardboard in your living room, think about how you will move it. The highway adventure with a bright green canoe thrown in the back of our pickup was wilder than anticipated, so next time, I'll build in pieces.

8. Becoming a glamper. 
 I found my outdoor niche when I heard about glamorous camping, or glamping. Now all camping trips have a pre-req of gourmet food, several camping pads, and squishy slippers. The craftiest part? Getting everything to fit in your pack!

9. Going birdy at the Rookery Café. 
 When friends let you have free reign to design their café, you never know what you'll end up with. A room full of birch trees and birds, apparently. This is one project that had many trials and tribulations, but in the end, I wouldn't change a thing.

10. Spreading some knitting love. 
 To round out the year I taught two new knitters how to work their craft  and partnered up with a third to knit up a storm for the Public Market.

We must have worked together well, because shortly thereafter we got engaged! You never know where you'll be knittin' love.

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  1. What a fabulous year! Once again, congrats on your engagement; I'm sending you tons of hugs and wishes for happiness!
    It's SO touching to spot my silly little box among your "Big Projects"... You bring me tears of joy. :-)



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