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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three-fer Thursday

So Cap'n has already ordered his rear axle (cuz when it comes to his truck he is really fast and productive) which is super chouette because apparently it might not cost us an arm and a leg!  Woohoo! But, to pay for it the kid needs to sell some of his knitted goods- so help him out and take a peeksy.  Should I label them as Cap'n-made?  Ok, if you insist!
Ok, I made all the hats and things with cables- but I think this pink hat 
could look fabu on a hunky man.  For sure!!
 The simple Skipper Tube could be a girl's or boy's best friend in the winter.  
Especially right now in Juneau with our wind gusts of up to 45mph!!
Cap'n made this knitted gourmet delight- plus the buttons too!!  He is such a whiz! 
(And he needs things to do in the winter when his not Cap'n-ing)
Follow the photo links to check them out on Etsy and buy!  Thanks for looking!

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